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December 7, 2008

No sorry I can’t sell tickets to this.

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Battery connected fence is live. How do I know it is on…Stuff the instructions grab hold to confirm that it will jolt. CONFIRMED…Later referred to instructions and yes there is an indicator LED highly visible of a night time that shows the fence is pulsing. The Dorgi watches me connect the battery and once again thinks something is suss. He chooses to give it a wide berth. I take a load of washing under the house and open the machine….YELP BARK YELP… I reach down to pick up some clothes and there is a Dorgi wrapped around my feet. (I have no idea what that was but I don’t like it). First load of washing done, coax the Dorgi outside to throw the ball for a while all is going well until someone gets excited and backs into the fence… YELP BARK YELP JUMP… lands at my feet and refuses to play ball anymore. A couple of hours later I am swimming in the pool making a racket, 15 minutes later  YELP BARK YELP… I notice a flash of Dorgi running up the back stairs onto the verandah and sitting int he corner….I start thinking this fence is great he must have  the idea by now…..Well the Witch returns home form a trip in the Country with Jan and is glad she hasn’t had to see the Dorgi get zapped so what does she do stands near the fence and coaxs him into it, funnily enough DORGI GOES YELP BARK JUMP YELP SPRINT away from it. The fence has been live for one week and I don’t think they have contacted each other since…..


Solution to trouble

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= ZAP.

How to fix the jumping Dorgi that is going to cost me thousands in shoulder reconstructions. I know lets add electricity into the equation….The Pig purchases an electric fence and 200 metres of suitably infused zapping cable to go with it. The Pig brings it home and puts the fence in place. The Dorgi is stuck  on the chain thinking this doesn’t look too good, ‘I ain’t seen it before but I am not sure if I like it.’ The Dorgi remains chained as I now need a battery. I acquire a battery and recondition it to hold a bit of a charge…..3 days later it is time to go live and let the Dorgi off the chain.


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I am all better and am going to continue in my efforts to escape and raid the food of all the other pets in the near vicinity. Yes I know you put in a gate. Yes I know you then went and perspexed it so I couldn’t shimmy through or climb it. Yes I know you closed off your second set of stairs because I found a way out there. Yes I know that is a 4 metre high retaining wall and I ma about a foot high but if I shimmy the first foot before jumping it won’t hurt and I can get to all the food on offer, then sleep at the front door until you wake up and you Will let me in….

Who spent a few days at the vets.

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The Dorgi got extrmely sick. His temperature was nearly 2 degrees above where it is meant to be. He was unresponsive and generally over heating. He was in pain to touch or move. So off to the vets and a pile of antibiotics and other things. Days later he starts to respond and improve….Diagnosis (no idea) possibly a meningococal style of infection but not to sure. He seemed to respond to the super strength anti biotics and has no side affects. Don’t complain pay the money take him home for him to cause more trouble.

July 20, 2008

Mack Dog!

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Our little terror….but I love him to bits!

Whats a Dorgi?

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Dorgi I hear you ask?

Daschund x Corgi so basically that equals one good looking sausage dog with attitude. I am sure photos will follow from The Witch.

The Pig

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