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February 15, 2009

Noosa for the weekend…

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As I said in another post, the Pig went away this weekend….so it was time for a weekend with the girls….well, Erin and her partner Chris.  Packed the dog, the bike and bikini for a night away!

Always love visiting Erin because I am bound to eat great food and walk away with a couple of recipes. Not only did I do that this time, I got a number of plants, a few bags of seeds and some great gardening tips. Time to get domestic again!

Mack LOVED the beach. I thought he would be scared of the water, but nope…he was right in! He was snapping at the waves wondering what they were, but he got a few mouthfuls of salty water eventually put a stop to that. None the less, he was loving running in the water and bounding over the waves. I thought it was great!

Erin and I played with the frisbee whilst the dog ran around having a ball. Must take him again some time soon.

We went to the markets in the morning and I got some great plants. I really want a fish/frog pond too now. Got some water plants, just need to wait until the Pig is on another trip before digging commences…hehehe!

It was great weekend hanging out, watched a video, ate lamb and vege soup, went cane toad hunting nad got home early enough to plant some basil and weed the garden.

Mack is now conked out on the mat…so cute.


December 7, 2008

Why have we been so quiet.

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Well we had a storm or two that decided to take out 3 Brisbane suburbs. The level of damage was comparable to that of category 5 cyclones that have hit suburbia. The Pig was a little tied up in the response and managed to put in 118 hours over 8 days all within the incident command structure. When I did sleep, I would wake and picture command boards and jobs as well as phones ringing etc….Glad that the majority of that is now past. I don’t mind putting in the time and enjoy it in a way but I also did my normal job on top of that so averaged around 4 hours sleep a day, not a great example of fatigue management but desperate times call for exceptional measures.

Going to mow the lawn at home tomorrow and deal with a few yard issues that are a few weeks old, should just get on top of it before heading OS to Japan for a few weeks.

August 22, 2008

Where have we been….

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Well it has been a while but without net access this is what happens. I have been galavanting around the State visiting a few towns on the way, Roma, Rolleston, Emerald, Blackwater, Rockhapton, Gladstone, Bundaberg, Gympie and all the small ones inbetween. We are off to the coast for the weekend and then next week I get to spend at Taroom in Western Qld.

The Witch has her new camera and in due course hopefully a few photos will start to appear.

Got to pack and head to the coast.

July 20, 2008

Living with The Pig

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Rules of the house according to The Pig-

Re:food-example chips or chocolate.

1: If it’s open, it’s fair game.

2:If it’s not open, but in the fridge, it’s fair game.

3:If it’s not open, hidden in the cupboard, it’s fair game.

Basically, any food in the house must either be REALLY well hidden or it’s fair game.

The Witch.

Hello world!

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I guess it is time to get with the times. Everyone seems to be bloging so we thought we could both blog. About us The Witch AKA Wendy and the Pig AKA Paul are engaged to be married, sometime next year in March. No doubt the Witch will blog (Rant) about this a lot so I guess that will be the first category to be added to the site. As for me I have just returned from a 24Hr adventure race and need an hours sleep (in other words even my fingers hurt to type – but don’t fear I will return).

The Pig

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