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February 15, 2009

Noosa for the weekend…

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As I said in another post, the Pig went away this weekend….so it was time for a weekend with the girls….well, Erin and her partner Chris.  Packed the dog, the bike and bikini for a night away!

Always love visiting Erin because I am bound to eat great food and walk away with a couple of recipes. Not only did I do that this time, I got a number of plants, a few bags of seeds and some great gardening tips. Time to get domestic again!

Mack LOVED the beach. I thought he would be scared of the water, but nope…he was right in! He was snapping at the waves wondering what they were, but he got a few mouthfuls of salty water eventually put a stop to that. None the less, he was loving running in the water and bounding over the waves. I thought it was great!

Erin and I played with the frisbee whilst the dog ran around having a ball. Must take him again some time soon.

We went to the markets in the morning and I got some great plants. I really want a fish/frog pond too now. Got some water plants, just need to wait until the Pig is on another trip before digging commences…hehehe!

It was great weekend hanging out, watched a video, ate lamb and vege soup, went cane toad hunting nad got home early enough to plant some basil and weed the garden.

Mack is now conked out on the mat…so cute.


Nearly there…..

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Well, the Pig is away for work this weekend, which made me all girly and miss him…awwww.

Anyhoo…we have gotten confirmation to have the wedding in Boyce Gardens…YAH! We have chosen the menu, sent out invites and even gotten some replies.

Just got to get the boys dressed, flowers arranged, attend a hair trial day and get the dress altered. I hope that’s about it. A few little things here and there….oh the centerpieces too!

We’ve had our fair share of hassles to try and overcome…and are now at the stage of not worrying about pleasing other people and just making sure we plan our wedding…our way. I wonder how long it takes all other couples to get to that stage??? Haha!

Less than 2 months to go now…I can’t wait!!!

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