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October 20, 2008

Not a rumour!

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Well, it’s no longer a rumour…truth be known, one of the neighbour’s kids had a belly button pierced….have yet to see it, but heard all about it!



Useless piece of….^$&#%$

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Well, it’s been a while since I updated the Mu thread….probably because I would much rather forget it! The leaking oil turned out to be more than first thought. My mechanic has recommended I not bother fixing the latest and just run it to the ground…or sell it unregistered on ebay!

Decided to drive it as is and then wait for a trade in deal on a newer/better car! Sigh….I guess I found out what was mysterious about this utility!

Cake Toppers

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Well, the custom made cake toppers have arrived!! YAH! Actually, they came last Friday, but of course we miss the delivery and don’t make the post office in time. Being the suburbs, they are not open on the weekend so its up early Monday morning to grab them before work!

Before leaving, I get a knock on the door and another parcel has arrived!! Woohoo! Got the little “tux” and “wedding dress” gift bags! They are pretty good for the price.

Picked up the cake toppers. I don’t think “Mack” looks quite right, The “pig” looks a little different and I have a scowl on my face. Other than that, you can tell it’s meant to be us, and should be interesting for the wedding!

Not sure what the Pig has planned for favours for the wedding…apparently something evil…must work that one out….

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