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September 30, 2008

One more off the list

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Photographer has been booked. Yippppppeeeeee

She knows about the website so this is where we say nice things about the funky lady 🙂

In all seriousness having that one crossed off the list is such a relief and there are far less things on the list then a month ago. If we can keep on top of the game and get these things sorted out earlier, we might get some free time in the future.  Our custom made Cake Topper should arrive within the next fortnight as well.

Feel free to comment on what we should give the guests, I have sinister plans and the Witch has girly, pretty smelling plans.

The Pig.


September 25, 2008

Getting there!

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Well, as the Pig posted, we are slowing getting things together. After much hassle, we could finally set a date.

Decided to check out Boyce Gardens for a possible wedding ceremony. Took the future mother in law and mum to wander the gardens. It felt perfect and a lot smaller than I remember. A place where my brother and I often ran through, playing in the rainforest and jumping in the pool when the gardener wasn’t around….until the day he was around and busted us. Lucky for us, the owner was fine with us using the pool and playing in his yard.

The gardens are well kept, years after the owner passed away and donated the land to the University of Queensland. I emailed the groundsman (same guy…been there 33 years) and asked if we could get married there. Not a problem! Fantastic!

Where’s the MU??

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Well…for the 5th time, the MU is back at the mechanics….has been leaking one fluid or another since buying the lemon…..at least its still fun to drive!

Wedding Bliss

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Picking a date, what an issue. The date is not the important factor we decided we needed to find a date where every thing else matched up.

Overseas visitors being available, priest, reception facility, location for ceremony.

About a month after we wanted to have a date set we have accomplished it.

The big day will be Saturday the 4/4/09

Boyce Gardens in Toowoomba is booked with a fall back church  in case of bad weather.

Priest is locked in.

Encores for the reception in the heart of Toowoomba.

A couple of other thingsin the works.

One photographer we liked was stolen from under out feet, decision by next Monday on the photographer.

Plus I have still been travelling around everywhere.

The Pig.

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