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July 25, 2008

The real story!

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I love my Honda….it used to “dink-ding” whenever lights were left on. As for the MU, it just flattens the battery.

Pig was not too happy after pushing the car, three times. (Once forward, once back and once forward again) Perhaps next time he will fully explain how to start the car with whatever the leftest pedal does.


The Dress

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I will not confirm or deny if the Witch may have a dress in her possession or not. I just know I am not suppose to look at it.

The Pig.

Venue Selection

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Jan (The Pig’s Mum) has been on the case of ringing every function centre within cooeee and getting a hold of their package options. Tonight we went and had dinner at one of the possibles. I will let everyone keep guessing, hte decision will hopefully be reached this weekend. ūüôā

Headlights in the day time

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Well it was raining and foggy this morning when the Witch went to the train station, so she did the right thing and used the headlights. Got out of the car and turned off everything except the headlights. 9 Hours later and the car won’t start. The pig gets a call, removes said battery and takes it home and puts it on the neighbours home made charger. A few hours later we thought we would see if it would start the car hook it all back up and it goes close but no joy.

Let’s try and clutch start it. The Pig outlines all the elements required for a successfull clutch start except for hte one crucial one let the clutch out when maximum velocity has been reached. The Witch presumed this meant try and turn the ignition which has already shown it won’t start. The Woman’s Day has a Mere Male column. Comedians have songs (folks are dumb where I come from) I have a Witch ūüôā

No harm done. Battery is back ont he charger and we will get it fired up in the monring.

July 20, 2008

Mack Dog!

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Our¬†little terror….but I love him¬†to bits!

The proposal.

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A “last minute” booking to Cairns, a booking at a 5star resort, all day snorkeling on Fitzroy Island, a “don’t worry about the cost of the meal” and let’s have wine…something is up with The Pig. After¬†a¬†nice¬†stroll¬†along¬†the boardwalk of the Esplanade, and¬†45minutes¬†of geocaching (apparently¬†so I¬†will¬†sober up from¬†the 1/2 glass of¬†wine)¬†and The Pig proposes!! Yippee!

Highlights were-

Him¬†asking¬†my father’s permission.

Calling his mother to tell her the news, only to be asked who was looking after the dorgi this weekend!

Neighbour Phil picking us up from the airport and almost crashing the car when he heard the news, a sudden swerve on the road and he was on the phone to Claire to spill the news!

The beautiful diamond ring he picked!!

From¬†this date¬†of¬†the¬†posting…only 8 months¬†til¬†the big day!

Living with The Pig

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Rules of the house according to The Pig-

Re:food-example chips or chocolate.

1: If¬†it’s open, it’s fair game.

2:If it’s¬†not open,¬†but¬†in¬†the¬†fridge, it’s fair game.

3:If it’s¬†not open, hidden¬†in¬†the cupboard, it’s fair game.

Basically, any food in the house must either be REALLY well hidden or it’s fair game.

The Witch.

Whats a Dorgi?

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Dorgi I hear you ask?

Daschund x Corgi so basically that equals one good looking sausage dog with attitude. I am sure photos will follow from The Witch.

The Pig


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Rumour has it one of the neighbours children wants to get a belly button ring. ¬†Her father was qouted as saying “one really should have a flat stomach for a belly button ring”. GOLD.

The Pig

Hello world!

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I guess it is time to get with the times. Everyone seems to be bloging so we thought we could both blog. About us The Witch AKA Wendy and the Pig AKA Paul are engaged to be married, sometime next year in March. No doubt the Witch will blog (Rant) about this a lot so I guess that will be the first category to be added to the site. As for me I have just returned from a 24Hr adventure race and need an hours sleep (in other words even my fingers hurt to type – but don’t fear I will return).

The Pig

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